Ariel the Little Mermaid. I’ve been calling these illustrations “darlings,” and still need to post the custom ones I’ve been doing. They make me so happy! Maybe because they are smiling at me the entire time I’m drawing them.
Etsy shop is up! DarlingsByLauren. It’s in beta, so any tips to improve it would be SO welcome!
I reckon ya’ll want a kiss #tiana #disney #princess #darlings
Mulan in her military attire. She’s the toughest! As you can tell, I made this one over a month ago! But good news: I’ve been busy creating custom illustrations of children (and puppies!) in this style for the cutest families, and because of that, I’ve got a new super secret project in development! Stay tuned for more princesses, custom print posts (they’re adorable), and a special announcement!


I finally finished this up over the last weekend,

Crack up animation by my good friend Markham :)

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And we’re back! So fun to make another princess! #inktober #princess #aurora
Merida. Another princess for inktober!

Flipbook Friday and Inktober 18th all rolled into one!!!

This is incredible. I love birthdays.
Another #princess for #inktober. She was also my go-to costume for #halloween in elementary school :)
More #inktober! #really